Movement Series - the Air Squat

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In this video we will cover the Air Squat.

For a proper air squat to be executed we focus on the setup, execution, and the primary points of performance of the movement.

The Setup begins with 1) a shoulder width stance and 2) at full extension of the hips and knees.

The Execution starts as the:

Hips descend back and down

Lumbar curve maintained

Knees in line with toes Hips descend lower than knees

Heels down

Complete at full hip and knee extension

The first point of performance is for Lumbar curve maintained throughout the movement. Having your back rounded is improper movement.

Next, we focus on keeping the weight of our body on our heels. This prevents forward movement creating an imbalance within the squat.

A full squat is measured from the hip crease being below parallel with respect to the knee crease at the bottom of the squat. Not reaching full depth is improper.

Initiate the squat by pushing the hips back while maintaining the lumbar curve.

As you move down, be sure to keep the knees in line with your toes to insure proper technique.

Let's take a look at Jordan and see how she does.


The Air Squat

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