Movement Series - Front Squat

Welcome to the CFRM movement series presented by CFRM


In this video we will cover the Front Squat.

For a proper front squat to be executed we focus on the set up and points of performance.

In the setup we ensure that our hands are just outside the shoulders.

Next, we make sure to have a loose (albeit) fingertip grip on the bar.

Finally, we have our elbows high, having the upper arm as parallel to the ground as possible,

We execute all the same points as the air squat with the addition of maintaining the front rack position on top the shoulders.

During completion of the movement, we want to make efforts to keep the bar as close to the frontal plane as possible. This allows for stability and proper technique throughout the movement.

Let’s take a look at Kelsey and see how she does.


The Front Squat.

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