Gym Rule #5 Remove “I C+#!” from Your Vocabulary

My brain won’t even let me type out the word. This is how much I expel the word, what it means, and how toxic it can be to my progress and success.

“Do or Do Not. There is no try.”


I love Yoda and all the wonderful phrases spoken in the movies. But this is my favorite because it’s a great way to express the opposite [spectrum] mind set of “I c+#!”.

There’ve been countless times I’ve heard the phrase before a workout of Snatch for a 1 rep max. Or the list of excuses I hear from new clients about squatting, going overhead, moving for more than 5 minutes, and telling me they’re not supposed to sweat that much.


Client: “I c+#!” squat below parallel because of my knees or my doctor said not to.

Client: “I c+#!” go overhead because I have an issue with my shoulder.

Me: “What’s the issue?”

Client: I don’t know, I just “c+#!”.

Client: “I c+#!” get my heart rate that high!

Me: “Why not?”

Client: I just “c+#!”, it’s my heart”

Me: “Yeah, I know. Mine’s bleeding over here for you.” [Eye-Roll]

Client: “I c+#!” sweat this much!

Me: “Well what’s the problem?”

Client: “It’s just not good for me.”


“I c+#!” is a 4-letter word. Ok, I get it, there is more than 4 letters and it's more of a phrase. A sentence maybe. “I c+#!” is also something I do not believe. This is with respect to my life in CrossFit (athlete and trainer) and personally.

“I c+#!” will stop you.

“I c+#!” slow you down.

“I c+#!” turn you around.

“I c+#!” make you move backwards…IF you let it!

You can say all you want that you “c+#!”. It’s simply not true. If anyone ever did or accomplished something, then you can too.

As a trainer, what if I said “I c+#!” train you because you don’t have a can-do attitude? If you are giving me money to train you, I’m sensing you might have a problem with my attitude. In reality, my attitude is this:

Stop complaining.

Nobody is listening.

Work harder.

Lift the weight.

Run harder.

Keep going!

If you say “I c+#!”, you will not be able to experience the joy in life that is intended.

It’s ok to have fear stepping up to a barbell with weight or gymnastics rings or stand in front of a box. It’s ok to fail to pick up the weight, or complete a muscle up, or trip and fall on a box jump.

It’s not ok to succumb to that fear. It’s not ok to be defeated before you even try. It’s not ok to not try again after you fail. It’s not ok to say “I c+#!”.

There are too many people out in this world that will tell you all you need or want to hear. They’ll say you’re not smart enough. They’ll say you’re wasting your time.

Those people [types of people] will doubt you and say you aren’t good enough. They’ll say you’ll get hurt if you do CrossFit. They’ll tell you (even before you start) you “c+#!” do it.

The constant barrage of negativity and disbelief in you will not stop…Until…YOU stop it.

Decide. When you decide, you develop a plan for action.

Commit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.

Take Action! Taking steps toward accomplishing a task destroys the words and philosophy of “I c+#!”.

I am here to help you.

I am here to celebrate when you accomplish a feat.

I am here to tell you, that you CAN!

Let the “I c+#!” fuel your fire to accomplish something.

Turn “I c+#!” into “I did it”!

Remove “I C+#!” from Your Vocabulary.

Yours In Fitness,


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