Gym Rule #4 No Excuses!

Excuses are like…[careful!]…anuses. Everybody has one and everybody uses one! Some people have and use an infinite number of them.

Infinite number of what??

Excuses! Not anuses numb nuts! Ha Ha, very funny!

I’ll take myself as the example for this entire post. Last night I went to bed around 8:30-9:00pm. For something unknown only to God, I was wide awake 11 minutes past midnight. I stayed in bed using meditation techniques to fall asleep because I have a busy day tomorrow. I finally acquiesced at 0338 and now I am writing this.

I thought to myself, what do I do? I have a client at 0630, then an appointment at 1000, and another client later in the afternoon. Should I cancel everything so I can (wink, wink) rest?

So much within me says I have a valid reason to cancel and get the required sleep I think I need. Or I can just buck up and get the day started. Its lit-er-ally, a conscious decision to not execute the excuse.

I could fib a little and say I had something come up or some other ridiculous un-truth. You have to understand, that all excuses are lies (J. Willink, 2017). Yes! Even the ones I make up in my head that I think are valid.

"All Your Excuses Are Lies!"

~Jocko Willink

Excuses in fitness and health are (sorry for the hyperbole) terminal. When I first started CrossFit, I made up so many excuses. And they were good too! You have to understand, I was nearly 300 pounds of twisted flab and sexy drab.

It was the heaviest I had ever been. CrossFit was hard on my surgically repaired knees, my deteriorated vertebrae, and exacerbated my chronic neck pain. My first coach gave my no quarter! He hammered me on a daily basis.

Here are a few of my best excuses:

I can’t workout today because –

My knee is too swollen from yesterday’s WOD. Lie.

I didn’t sleep well so I couldn’t get rid of the soreness. Lie.

I woke up late and my “routine” to get ready was all jammed up. Lie

[it was a 45-minute drive to my first box]

The shorts I planned to wear are in the hamper. Lie

The real reason I created those excuses was after the previous day’s WOD, I felt I deserved to take it easy; rest a little. So, I drank a little too much alcohol and ate more (bad) food than I should have. Then I drank some more which meant I was hungover and my day was wrecked.

The rest of the truth was, I was terrified of the opinion the coaches and athletes would have of me because I thought I was struggling. I was struggling too much for my precious ego. Ref: Gym Rule #2.

Those thoughts and excuses were all lies.

For real, my knee was ok; I would wear a compression brace anyway.

Tired and sore? Best thing for that was another workout.

Woke up late and hungover? Gym Rule #1, Get to the Door!

There are times when I see people come to the gym or my garage and I think, I wonder how many excuses they had before they got here? I don’t need the answer to that question because they showed up! I am thoroughly impressed when I see couples at a CrossFit gym. Getting fit family style, baby! Winning!

Even more impressed when they bring their kids and say “watch mommy and daddy workout.” In my opinion, that is a fantastic and very necessary example to set early in life for today’s young generation.

There is an infinite amount of excuses to keep you from the gym. Sleepy, sore, tired, hungry, angry, lonely, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, job, spouse, kids, dinner, homework, groceries, no gas, visitors at home, soccer practice, PTA meeting, book club, wine club, cheese club, cigar club, happy hour, Grey’s Anatomy, Walking Dead, and my favorite…my doctor prescribed no CrossFit!

Since it is football season, I’ll defer to Coach Swinney from Clemson and put this quote right here:

“I'm not a sympathetic guy when I see people throwing their lives away and using their life's obstacles as excuses to fail. I just don't buy into that.” ~Dabo Swinney

Amen Coach!

No time to get to the gym? Copy, you don’t want to improve today.

Not feeling just right? Understood, all things have to be perfect to progress.

Need a day off? Wonderful, maybe you deserve to take 2 days off.

It is a disciplined decision to conquer ALL of your excuses. Excuses are the easiest path to failure in any endeavor. The small business I am in, the process of starting is moving slower than I anticipated. Who cares? Keep going and surround yourself with people that want to win! No Excuses!

Mediocre effort will not create extraordinary results. You MUST exhibit universal sized efforts for simple results.

Those simple results will be extraordinary to those who believe in you. Give people an excuse to notice your results. Do NOT give them Excuses!

Get to the Door!

Drop the Ego!

Learn the Lingo!

No Excuses!

Yours In Fitness,


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