Gym Rule #1 Get To The Door!


No one gets to the door of the gym without struggle, contemplation, or a fight with your inner “procrastination” demon. For me, I know I have a deck full of excuses in my pocket at any given moment.

I’m tired.

I don’t feel good.

The gym vibe, I simply don’t have it today.

In the words of Jocko; “they’re all LIES! All of them!”

No one cares about how you feel. GET…to the door! If you’re going to a CrossFit gym, after the door, your thinking is over. The coach (a good one) will take care of the rest. The motivation. The explanation. The correction cues. Advice to go light or go heavy. We got it. That’s what you pay for. We’re going to give it to you.

If you are going to a jiu jitsu class, yoga, pilates or whatever, GET…to the door! Make that your short-term goal. After the door, let someone else do the brain work. Let your body move, sweat, and get the blood flowing. It doesn’t matter what time it is or what excuse you make up; Get to the Door.

It’ 4 AM when the alarm goes off and you want to hit snooze?

Get to the Door.

It’s 5 PM and you had a hard day at work?

Get to the Door.

There’s too much traffic and I’ll never make it on time?

Get to the Door. Take your penalty lap and move on.

It’s Saturday. You have all these plans for yard work or a DIY project?

Get to the Door!

It’s Monday night and you want to watch Monday Night Football?

Get to the Door!

Your tummy hurts because of the hot pocket from lunch because you were too lazy to prep a healthy meal? You Better Get to the Door! And we got some burpees in the corner for your hot pocket J!

You’re hungover? Too bad!

Get to the Door!

Whatever your excuse, NOBODY cares!!!

Get…To the mother f@<$ing DOOR!!!

Everyone has these struggles. You are not alone in this fight for a healthy lifestyle. Just get to the door and we’ll show you 10 other people that just went through the exact same thing. But no matter what…Get to the Door.

In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

Yours In Fitness,


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