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We sow seeds to build relationships with good people. We find good people that make awesome products and test them out for ourselves. We find something that works and go to work building a relationship.


Once those relationships are solidified, CFRM will pass along the benefits of those relationships through discount codes and discounted prices.

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Fat Loss The Truth
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By Dr. John Fitzgerald

This book changes everything you though you knew about fat loss. The vast majority of weight loss books are written by inexperienced people who do not see patients. This book is written by an expert in fat loss that actually sees patients. This is the only weight loss book you will ever need. Based on 63 research articles that cover the easiest and most effective way to lose fat and keep it off. This book changes everything you thought you knew about fat loss.

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The science behind New Age Performance is 90% of the population has a bad or poor bite, which causes a mis-alignment in your body. The New Age mouthpiece fools the body in thinking you have the perfect bite, hence the results being instant.

With better body alignment, it takes several restrictions away from the body, which will allow you to: square your shoulders, open up your rib cage, allow for better oxygen flow and allow your hips to align giving you better rotation.

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NSP Nutrition

Founded by Vince Gironda - 1972


Vince attributed his amazing development to hard training and proper nutrition; especially nutrition. In fact, he said many times that bodybuilding is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

One of the first bodybuilders to realize the importance of proper diet and food supplements, Vince experimented with nearly every form of diet and supplement in existence. 


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When you take Alpha BRAIN®, there are subtle but profound changes in your ability to think—all of which can help to transform your life. 

I’m giving you a chance to try Alpha BRAIN® for FREE. Just pay shipping, and you’ll get a 15-day supply at no extra cost.

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— Aubrey Marcus
Chairman and Founder of Onnit

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