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About Me

We started our CrossFit journey as a coach that wanted better programming and group atmosphere. Our community has grown organically and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have continued to grow so much, we are looking for a bigger facility to accommodate everyone. We are so grateful to those that have trusted us with their fitness. 


We train with a purposeful path toward achievable and measurable goals. Our goal is not strength. Our goal is not strictly gymnastics. Our goal is not conditioning mastery. We provide constantly varied functional movements and guide you through them with relative intensity. The end goal for us all is long term Health & Fitness through Empowerment and Positivity.


We deliver a product of training that upholds standards (not competition standards) from the proper points of performance of each movement completed. Your safety is our primary concern. We are very confident in the training provided and the range of our community proves as much. On a daily basis, we train young boys and girls aged 9 to 17 and our oldest clients are 60+ years old.


Our programming is based on years of experience and training multiple sports and practical certificate courses. We openly and honestly pull workouts from other proven open programming sources and note as such when the workout is published. We like to have fun, encourage everyone, and make a 100% effort to get better every day. 


At CrossFit RagaMuffin, we scale! Yes, we SCALE! Prescribed load, reps, and movements are a baseline. Our coaches scale workouts and we encourage each other to do so. We do this for the safety of our athletes and the pursuit of long-term fitness through injury prevention. 


If you want to go hard and heavy, we encourage it…safely. If you want to go light, go light. Intensity is relative to each athlete. At CFRM, we live by the equation Form > Weight. 


We would like the time you spend with us to be valuable. We want that time working out to be the best part of your day. We want to support your journey of happiness and long term health and fitness. 


Expect to laugh. 

Expect to learn. 

Expect to be pushed. 

Expect to give 100%.

Expect to get better.

Expect Results!


Yours in Fitness,

CrossFit RagaMuffin


Otto Cochran


CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Kids

USA Weightlifting Coach - Level 1

USA Weightlifting Coach - Level 2

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